Proof and Wood 100 Seasons 25 Year Old American Whiskey



Dave Schmier of Proof and Wood really rolled the dice while concocting his bottle of 100 Seasons, part of the brand’s Curated Collection, an expression composed of a 25 year old light whiskey with a mash bill of 99% corn and 1% rye, finished in American rye barrels for 8 weeks before resting for 2 years in steel containers to stop aging. This light whiskey breaks the mold of usual lack luster flavor associated with other varieties of light whiskey. You will be pleasantly surprised by the full bodied, vanilla cream, rich caramel goodness that each sip offers. Fresh sweet fruit is part of the mid-palate experience which offers a delightful contrast to the finish which sets up a long spicy sizzle. This smooth and easy sip is perfect for the connoisseur looking for a new take on light classic.



Country USA
Region Kentucky
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Feature Light Whiskey
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml