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Sparkling Sake

Are you a little tired of the same old shoddy champagne? Well, kick that brut to the curb and try something new to tickle your nose. Sake seems to be the eternal up and coming underdog, but to be honest, the selection of sparkling sake available in the USA has never been better. Referred to in Japanese as “happo-shu”, sparkling sake undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, just as champagne does, so you won’t miss a single bubble with the switch from grapes to sake.

Sparkling Sake is usually low in alcohol, so expect a light and breezy alcohol content of 5-8%. Also, note that most sparkling sake is sold in small bottles (180ml – 300ml) to facilitate a quick consumption, for as with other sparkling tipples, the fizz will fade relatively quickly after opening. So, to keep the sparkle alive, drink early and drink often!
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