Savory Red

Savory, earthy or herbaceous wines are the antithesis of fruit-forward wines. While these terms don’t really do this wine profile justice, they help describe dominant flavors of the wine in the not sweet fruit category. It’s not that these wines aren’t fruity, in fact, most are loaded with fruit flavors in the tart/sour/bitter spectrum. For example, imagine biting into a bunch of raw black currants (cassis) or cranberry.

Savory Red Wine Terms:

Cranberry, Rhubarb, Black Currant (aka Cassis), Green Bell Pepper, Green Peppercorn, Olive, Wild Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Mulberry, Bilberry, Peony, Wild Blueberry, Dried Herbs, Game, Sage, Leather, Tobacco, Charcoal, Tar, Underbrush, Garrigue, Gravel, Torrefaction, Mineral-Driven and Woodsmoke
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