Rogue Vine Pipeno Tinto De Itata Valley



Rogue Vine Pipeno Tinto De Itata Valley enchants with its vibrant red color and captivating aromas. It is a true reflection of the winery's commitment to quality and their dedication to crafting wines that express the character of the Itata Valley.


Nose: The nose reveals enticing aromas of ripe red berries, including cherries and raspberries, accompanied by hints of dried herbs and a touch of earthiness. It sets the stage for a complex and intriguing tasting experience. Palate: On the palate, Rogue Vine Pipeno Tinto De Itata Valley delights with its lively and expressive character. Ripe fruit flavors take center stage, with notes of cherries, plums, and blackberries. The wine is medium-bodied, with smooth tannins and a balanced acidity, creating a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience. Finish: The finish is lingering and satisfying, with the fruit flavors gracefully fading away, leaving a subtle hint of spice and a touch of minerality. It is a testament to the wine's depth and complexity.


Rogue Vine Pipeno Tinto De Itata Valley is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its fruit-forward character and balanced structure make it an excellent companion to grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and savory stews. It also complements aged cheeses and charcuterie boards. For a delightful combination, pair it with traditional Chilean cuisine, such as empanadas or grilled beef dishes. Let Rogue Vine Pipeno Tinto De Itata Valley transport you to the picturesque landscapes of the Itata Valley with its exceptional flavors and unique charm.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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