Fruity Red

When you open a bottle of wine, you’ll probably want to start identifying the fruit level in the wine. It doesn’t matter if the wine is light, rich, sweet or dry, they can all be categorized by the fruit level. There are many ways of describing fruitiness in wine but pretty much all wines can be shuffled into just 2 primary categories: Fruiy or Savory.

“Fruity” is the most commonly used term to describe a wine with dominant flavors in the sweet fruit realm. This wine term doesn’t mean that the wine is sweet, it just means that they are bursting with sweet fruit smells.

Common Terms for Fruity wines: Fruit-Driven, Sweet Attack, Jammy, Extracted, Flamboyant, Sweet Tannin, New World Style, Juicy, Ripe

Fruit Forward Red Wine Terms:

Sweet Raspberry, Maraschino Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Jam, Prune, Candied Fruit, Black Raisin, Baking Spices, Toffee, Vanilla and Sweet Tobacco
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