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Languedoc Roussillon

What is Languedoc Roussillon famous for? Caving & camping, beautiful French-Roman villages, the Pyrenees, epic driving roads & tunnels and, of course, great wine. For wine enthusiasts on a budget, Languedoc-Roussillon is becoming known as a great value wine region.

This region is all about blends. In the Languedoc, vineyards are often called ‘patchwork’ because so many different grape varieties grow together. Most producers make blends instead of single varietal wines. Red blends from Languedoc-Roussillon tend to be more full-bodied and fruit driven.

A piece of advice: Don’t fret about the sub-appellations in the Languedoc when buying wine. Most wines are labeled under Coteaux du Languedoc & Vin de Pays

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