Yomi “The Afterlife” Junmai Ginjo Sake Can


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According to Shinto mythology, Yomi means “World of Darkness” or “an Afterlife” where one goes after death. This story inspired us to craft a sake meant to be consumed each day as the sun sets when we seek refuge from our daily responsibilities and burdens and revel unchained and uninhibited. Introduced in early 2019 as the first canned saké in America, this premium-level saké is innovative, bright, refreshing and hedonistic and will complement almost any food or occasion. Both approachable and complex, Yomi is always ready to be enjoyed in your desired World of Darkness.


Refreshing and hedonistic with delicious notes of melon, cherry, red berries, light cream, and subtle mochi. Medium body with purity of flavor and plenty of attitude.


Country USA
Region Oregon
Polishing Grade Junmai Ginjo
Container Bottle
Container Size 250ml
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