Weingut Knauss La Boutanche Trollinger



Andi Knauß works the steep, shell-limestone slopes of his estate vineyards as naturally as possible: chemicals are eschewed in favor of natural treatments and a healthy planting of cover crops among the vines. The same philosophy holds in the cellar: spontaneous fermentations, gravity instead of pumps, barrels selected so as not to mark the wines, and minimal use of sulfur. But what characterizes these wines and sets them apart is Andi. Far more comfortable in the vineyard than talking about his wines, with which he is never totally satisfied, Andi puts the same care into the kegs of Trollinger that he makes for local restaurants he does for the top-level “R” wines. If you need analogies, the Rieslings are closer to Montmains than they are to Mosel, but that would still miss the point. To really understand what makes these Swabian wines so special, you’ll have to try them.

nextSectioThis Trollinger gives you a beautiful pleasure. Light on its feet and packed with soft red fruits, white spices, and chalky minerality.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle