Weingut Wallner Eisenberg Blaufrankisch



Amidst the idyllic wine country in Southern Burgenland is called Deusch Schutzen and the near Eisenberg. The mild Pannonian climate with no hot sun during the day and always cool nights is ideal for the growth of our wines, particularly the main towns Blaufrankisch. The protective hills with their deep, heavy clay soils and iron-shale soils on the Eisenberg leaves us here alone produce more wines: intense, fruity, earthy, spicy and minerally with a unique character. Like anywhere else in the world!


Rich dark fruit combines with bold notes of spice to give the wine bigger weight than what is expected. Big oak flavors on the finish give the wine a drying effect on the palate.


Blaufrankisch are often paired with lamb dishes, grilled meats or smoked cheeses.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle