Weingut Julg Muskateller QbA


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From the southernmost village in the Pfalz, Schweigen, we bring you the wines of Weingut Jülg. In fact it's so close to the border that the top vineyard site, the Sonnenburg is actually 2/3s in France! Johannes Jülg has recently taken the reins here from his father Werner, and continues a tradition of growing with respect for nature, using green manure only for fertilization and hand harvesting. Soils are complex here and there is great diversity from site to site.


From the Sonnenburg comes a lushly fruited Scheurebe that has the crisp cut of grapefruit-like citrusy tartness and also, a racy and vibrant dry Muskateller laced with spice and mineral notes that linger in the finish.


Drink this wine with Thai or other Southeast Asian food where there's fish sauce, citrus, and chilies.


Wine Color White
Container Bottle
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