Wahaka Mezcal Madre Cuishe Joven



A wise man once said that the aroma of Madre Cuishe reminded him of the smell of fresh fallen rain. As part of our Signature Line, this unique mezcal is distilled using one of the most rare agaves, the Madre Cuishe. Perfectly un-aged, our Madre Cuishe celebrates the agave’s natural environment of volcanic terrain, dry conditions and warm temperatures.

Our Madre Cuishe slowly and delicately evolves in your mouth, exposing its earth, mineral and citrus tones, first on the tip of your tongue, and then journeying to the roof of your mouth and nose.



Clear. Delicate white cigar ash and grilled zucchini aromas with a silky soft, dryish medium body and a gentle pepper dust, cream, nougat, and grassy earth accented finish. A very elegant and subtlety flavorful mezcal that will be great as a sipper.


Product Subcategory Mezcal
Container Bottle
Container Size 200ml