Wahaka Mezcal Espadin Botaniko



Wahaka Mezcal Espadin Botaniko is made by adding a bag of herbs to the copper still during the second distillation. The herbs are collected from nearby fields around San Dionisio Ocotepec. The process creates a clean mezcal, white with a hint of green. Juniper, cardammom, vainilla, cilantro seeds, lemon tea, stevia and lavender all combine to offer a touch of freshess on the nose. Slightly exotic, stylish and very florally expressive. This very elegant mezcal has an incredibly good balance and brings you to Mezcal’s next level. With this vegan “pechuga,” master distiller Alberto Morales moves his brand to the avant-garde creating a new generation of artisanal mezcales!  


Product Subcategory Mezcal
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml