Wahaka Mezcal Ensamble Joven Mezcal


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Perhaps one of the most unique members of our line-up, Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble is a pure blend of Espadin (50%), Madre Cuishe (25%), and Tobala (25%) agaves that are cooked, fermented, and distilled together. Our Ensamble is a magical mezcal that is un-aged, allowing the flavors, aroma and character of each agave to clearly present themselves.

This full-bodied mezcal inherits the distinctive floral aroma of the Tobala. At first sip, our Ensamble continues to take on the characteristics of the Tobala, which then quickly transform into the earth, mineral and citrus notes found in the Madre Cuishe. Throughout the experience, the noble Espadin adds mezcal’s traditional structure of smoke balanced with sweet.


Interesting aromas of roasted cucumber, smoked sausage, dill yogurt sauce, and grilled pineapple with a supple, lightly tannic dryish medium-to-full body and a snappy roasted pepper, herb, spice and cedar ash accented finish. A very nice, vibrant choice for cocktails.


Product Subcategory Mezcal
Container Bottle
Container Size 200ml
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