Very Old St.Nick 17 Year Old Unicorn Cask Rare Bourbon Whiskey”



Very Olde St. Nick Antique Barrel 17-Year-Old Unicorn Cask is as rare as the name suggests. These super limited releases aren’t anything new for the Very Olde St. Nick (VOSN) brand, in fact, they’ve been bottling up rare bourbon and whiskey since 1987. The newest in the Very Olde St. Nick Antique Barrel lineup, a 17-Year-Old wheated “Unicorn Cask” that was distilled on the cusp of 1981/1982 and vatted in 1999. VOSN 17-Year-Old Unicorn Cask is unfiltered and bottled at 108 Proof. 


Color: Brown
Nose: Cognac, figs, milk chocolate, toffee, nutmeg, caramel, and a faint plastic note (not in a bad way). Plenty of oak barrel char.
Palate: Cinnamon, orange liqueur, figs, cognac, molasses, and maple syrup. A very complex and balanced palate with a beautiful mouthfeel.
Finish: Cocoa, cinnamon rolls, raisins, cake, and figs. This bourbon has a very long finish with many complex layers


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand Very Old St.Nick
Distillery Preservation Distillery
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Feature Allocated & Limited Edition
Container Bottle
Container Size 375ml