Tuthilltown Half Moon Orchard Gin



Tuthilltown Spirits, located in New York's Hudson River Valley, was founded by Ralph Erenzo and Vicki Morgan. In 2001 the two partners acquired property in Gardiner, New York, which included the nationally landmarked Tuthilltown Gristmill. After converting one of the mill's granaries into a distillery, in 2004 they began producing the first legally distilled and aged grain spirits in New York since Prohibition, bringing back the tradition of small batch distillation to the region. They produce a range of hand-crafted spirits from local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture.


Half Moon Orchard Gin is named for the vessel in which Henry Hudson first explored the river which bears his name. Joel Elder, Chief Distiller, chose to keep the botanical bill small and focus attention on the base spirit which makes up most of the gin. It is a near neutral spirit produced from Finger Lakes wheat (80%) and Hudson Valley apples (20%) with a blend of eight botanicals, including bergamot peel, lemon peel, coriander and juniper.


Country USA
Region New York
Product Subcategory Gin
Feature Small Batch
Container Bottle
Container Size 1.0L