Transcontinental Rum Line 5 Year Old Jamaica WP 2015 Navvy Strength Rum



The result of a pot still distillation, this Jamaican rum was produced in 2015 in the marvelous Lluidas Vale. After being matured for 3 years on the island, it was aged for 2 more years in the mild European climate. Bottled at Navy Strength i.e., 57.4% ABV, this expression is an elegant and restrained version of Jamaican funk.


Profile: Rich and smoky.
Nose: Full-bodied and powerful. Coconut, candied lemon, medicinal notes, and camphor.
Palate: Intense and lively. Bitter orange, ginger, infused herbs.
Finish: Lingering and complex. Pine, star anise, a hint of smoke.


Country Jamaica
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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