The Kyoto Distillery "Ki Noh Bi" Cask-Aged Japanese Gin



KI NOH BI is an ongoing series of cask-aged expressions of The Kyoto Distillery’s classic dry gin, with each edition featuring a different cask or combination of casks that previously held a variety of spirits. The labels, which display masks used in Noh, a form of traditional Japanese theater dating back to the fourteenth century, are a nod to Number One Drinks, a company that specializes in extremely sought-after Japanese whiskies. The gin in this, the seventeenth edition of KI NOH BI, was aged in both mizunara casks and casks from the shuttered and extremely coveted Japanese whisky distillery, Karuizawa.


Orange peel leaps from the glass, carried by a backbone of anise & caraway. The spirit is both soft and weighty, with spice lingering on the front and mid-palate. 48% ABV


Country Japan
Product Subcategory Gin
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml