The Arcane Whiskey



The Arcane is the most recent release from David Kyrejko, the Brooklyn distiller behind Arcane Fernet and Lone Wolf whiskey. Arcane is a highly experimental distillery using unusual processes to make imaginative spirits. Kyrejko is a one-man show and builds all of his own equipment, one of which is the “two headed monster” – a double vacuum still made almost entirely out of glass, capable of distilling spirits at much lower temperatures than a traditional alembic or pot still. Arcane's vacuum distilled beer whiskey's are definitively unique. All of the flavors and expressions of beers, distilled into a whiskey. But, this isn't just a beer flavored whiskey, this is beer whiskey. This whiskey is warm and toasty with piney notes from the hops.


Country USA
Region New York
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Container Bottle
Container Size 375ml