Taconic Distillery "The Mythical Mizunara" Collaboration Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey Mizunara Cask Finish



There's no secret how fascinating Mizunara can be. From its debut on the whiskey scene in 2020, it reached an exciting level of hype that seemed to vanish when Mizunara barrels were revealed to be some of the whiskey's most troubling finishing casks. Expensive, difficult to work with, and prone to leaks, it's no secret many producers didn't find them to be the cash cow they hoped, especially after a leak sprung precious whiskey all over the warehouse. Taconic stuck through the issues and delivered a select few Mizu releases to the market. Bold black tea, sandalwood, pepper, and a touch of cedar join Taconic's big, bold, malty base bourbon that picks up great tannin and complexity during initial maturation. The Mizunara is distinct but not overbearing; nuanced but never overshadowed.

The selection is one of two barrels picked collaboratively by The Prime Barrel & t8ke from R/Bourbon

Barrel info:

  • Mashbill: 70% Corn | 25% Rye | 5% Malted Barley
  • Char Level: Char 3
  • Cooperage: Independent Stave Cooper Select Barrels
  • Aging: 4 ½ Years Primary
  • 6 Months Secondary in the Finishing Barrel

Here's what you can look forward to with this particular selection:

  • Nose: Toasted oak, green apple, baking spice, cinnamon, pie crust, crushed almonds, orange peel, and tobacco
  • Palate: Peppercorn, baked red cherries, and leather
  • Finish: Slightly smoky finish with notes of honey, coffee, and nuts 


Country USA
Region New York
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Feature The Prime Barrel Selection
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml