St. George Gin Dry Rye Reposado



Rested in French and American oak wine casks, it has a lovely pink hue and a deep, rich flavor that we think of as an offering to the gods of gin, whiskey, and wine.


St. George Spirits' Dry Rye Reposado is like a 3 person tag-team of different drinks!  First, you've got the base of 100% rye grain, just like a rye whiskey, giving it a gloriously malty centre.  Following that, there's the classic gin botanicals: juniper berries, black peppercorn, coriander, caraway, lime and grapefruit peel. Finally, you've got the finisher. The Dry Rye Reposado is aged for about a year and a half in French and American oak wine casks. Whiskey, gin and wine, all represented in one awesome gin. Ding ding ding! We've got a tasty champion right here!


Country USA
Region California
Product Subcategory Gin
Mashbill Type Rye
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml