St. George Gin Combo Pack



St George Gin 3 pack comes with their flagship Gins, the Dry Rye Gin, Terroir Gin and the original Botanivore Gin. All three are completely different and great for making the perfect cocktail.


Dry Rye — it's the most malty and genever-like of the three, largely because they used rye grain to make the base spirit. It's delicious and smooth on its own, with round citrus notes and a hint of juniper, and we can see why Beattie would love it in a Negroni. But it doesn't really taste like gin — St. George is marketing it as a gin for whiskey lovers, but we'd just rather say it's an odd gin and a totally new flavor for the category. In a gin and tonic, a little more of the juniper comes out, and it works quite well.
Botanivore — our favorite of the three, and the most likely to succeed in the broader market, we think, outside of bartenders. It's the most straightforward and Hendrick's-like, with citrus, herb, floral, and light juniper notes, and the most juniper-ish aroma of the three. It has a particularly peppery and floral finish, and it goes beautifully with tonic and lime.
Terroir — the boldest and strangest of the three, with heavy balsam and pine flavors, almost like that Douglas fir liqueur. Distiller Lance Winters actually wanted to recreate the aromas of Mount Tam with this one, and foraged for some of the botanicals himself, which include California coastal sage, California bay laurel, and Douglas fir. We're totally intrigued to see what bartenders do with this one in cocktails, and can imagine it making for really interesting citrus-y drinks — it would probably make for a unique Last Word, for instance, with the pine playing off the herbs in the Chartreuse. But it's pretty over-powering on its own, we wouldn't want a martini made with it, and it didn't work that well with tonic either, with the pine flavor fighting and winning over the quinine.


Country USA
Region California
Product Subcategory Gin
Container Bottle
Container Size 200ml