St. George California Agricole Rum



Coming from California’s very own award winning St. George distillery in Alameda, this is a unique spin on the classic agricole style rums of Martinique. Distilled from 100% sugarcane (not molasses) grown outside of Brawley in the Imperial Valley of Southern California. Immediately after harvest, stalks of sugarcane are shipped up to the distillery, where they extract fresh cane juice by running the stalks by hand through a sugarcane mill. The freshly pressed, uncooked cane juice is then fermented and distilled in small batches in their 500-liter copper pot still.


Agua Libre is a very raw and intense display of fresh cane -- grassy, herbaceous, bold, earthy and very distinct. This is a brilliant expression of agricole style rhum at its finest. The choice of small-diameter California cane lends vivid, earthy, even vegetal aromatics that evoke wet grass, truffles, and black olives. When you open a bottle, the aroma is primal and brazen. On the palate, fresh cane juice all the way. In cocktails, it’s unmissable—adding funk and sultriness to anything it touches. Try it in a Hemingway Daiquiri, a Mai Tai, a Ti Punch, a Mojito, or even a Cuba Libre, and experience these classic rum drinks in a whole new light.


Country USA
Region California
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml