Sorelle Casa Secco Italian Bubbles Rosso



Sorelle Casa Fine Wines was established by Ginevra and Olivia Casa - two sisters that grew up in Italy and developed a great passion for Prosecco. However, in August 2010, the Italian laws regarding its production changed - after decades of being able to blend other grapes with the Prosecco, the Italian government decided to make it a DOCG and required that Prosecco be produced entirely of Glera grapes. Ginevra and Olivia decided to keep the tradition of the Italian blend alive, and in early 2009 they teamed up with noted winemaker Charles Smith to create Secco Italian Bubbles.


Created from Pinot Bianco and Glera, Secco is a dry, sparkling white with delicate notes of apple, peach and fresh flowers. It is incredibly food-friendly and pairs well with hard and soft cheeses, olives, almonds, smoked salmon and much more.


Country Italy
Wine Color Rose
Style Sparkling
Varietal Pinot Noir
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml