Single Cask Nation Fidencio Espadin Reposado Mezcal



Fidencio ‘Single Cask Nation’ Reposado is a cask bottling, distilled in October 2016 by Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Jiménez with maguey Espadin (agave Angustifolia) in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. After distillation, it spent 10 months resting in a first fill bourbon barrel from Wild Turkey. It was bottled at cask strength in August of 2017 at 53.4% ABV. This cask #2931 yielded 252 bottles for the Single Cask Nation portfolio.


Color: Pale Chartreuse
Nose: Hugely buttery with plantains, mango, white grapes, barbecued white peaches, agave syrup, dehydrated apple peels, white pepper
Palate: A viscous mouthfeel delivers flavors of smoked olive oil which give way to piney and earthy notes then celery soda, lemon zest, more barbecued peaches, Himalayan pink salt, guava paste, and grilled endive
Finish: Moderate to long with abundant smoke, barbecued fruits, and returning white pepper.


Product Subcategory Mezcal
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml