Ron del Barrilito 3 Star Rum



Established in 1880 by Eng. Pedro F. Fernandez in the "Hacienda Santa Ana" at Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  For over 100 years, the Fernandez family has manufactured  "Ron de Barrilito" at the place of origin, using the same name, formula and aging process.

This special rum is a blend of rums aged, each undisturbed, from 6 to 10 years in charred oak barrels.  Enjoy its unique, smooth mellow falvor by sipping, in a snifter, or enjoy it straight, with a splash of water, over ice, before or after dinner.


Ron del Barrilito three star is characterized by prominent smoky flavors tempered with a full aroma and flavors of dried fruit.


Country Puerto Rico
Region Puerto Rico
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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