Renwood California Zinfandel


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The harvest of 2011 had a cool, wet spring and cool summer providing moderate growing conditions and a crop size small enough to take advantage fo the cool weather.  About mid-October a series of storms that usually stay in Washington State and Oregon decided on a not so small excursion to Northern California.  These early rains made for a challenging harvest, but the dedication of growers to wait for the grapes to dry out, coupled with the winemaking team going aroud the clock when the weather was good, resulted in some really nice wines.  The colors are dark, rivaling the 2010 vintage, flavors are luscious and tannins moderate. 


A fresh and youthful wine featuring strawberry and raspberry fruit aromas with just a hint of oak. The flavors are soft and flavorful with an appealing tang on the finish. This wine reminds us of old time Zinfandel where the fruit is prominent and the wine very honest with great drinkability. This wine is not serious or complicated, and with none of the heavy influence of oak or overzealous cellaring, it is a great sipping wine.


Think curry spice. Since Zinfandel leans on the sweeter side of red wine, it's a great pairing partner with spiced barbecue dishes and curry. Pro tip: Pick out the spices you taste in the wine and add them to your sauce.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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