Primitivo Quiles Alicante Cono 4



Senor Don Primitivo Quiles is one of the great figures of Spanish wine. His bodega in Monovar is the oldest in Alicante (since 1780), and probably in all the comunidad Valenciana. This Monastrell made in 80 year old Conofors (think dairy tanks but made of American Oak), this wine is filtered by gravity and, following tradition, is made in a slighty oxidative style which gives the wine its very unique character.


Made in giant 80 yr old American oak tanks, this is slightly oxidative and super old school. Nice earthy plum character, little oak signature. Tasty and distinctive.


Grilled Pork or Beef. Spanish Monastrell, known as Mourvèdre in France, has the same luscious fruit that makes Zinfandel so good with grilled pork, but with a spicy edge that arguably creates an even better match.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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