Panama-Pacific 9 Year Old Rum


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Exposicion Panama-Pacific Rum is a Spanish-style molasses-derived rum made at the Ingenio San Carlos distillery in Panama. Production of our rum begins deep in the country’s interior, in the Provencia de Herrera region, where we harvest our sugarcane only during its optimal maturity, between the months of January and May. Once harvested, we must extract the vibrant sugarcane’s succulent juices within a short twelve-hour window in order to retain their bright, fresh sweetness.

The extracted cane juices are then evaporated into a rich, delicious molasses, to which we add our own special proprietary yeasts in order to ferment the sugars over two days into a low-alcohol molasses mash which will then be strengthened through distillation. In keeping with early rum production traditions originally applied in Cuba, we then distill the molasses in our historic Coffey copper column still to a slightly lower proof than is normally achieved in other distilleries, creating our rum’s signature richer, fuller flavor and character.



Country Panama
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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