Ottin Valle d'Aosta Fumin



Elio Ottin farms four hectares of vineyards on the hills overlooking the town of Aosta in the villages of Saint Christophe and Quart, with south-facing exposure. The dry climate of the valley and particularly of Aosta, an area subject to drought, is ideal for guaranteeing a perfect ripening of the grapes as well as favoring the health of the grapes and the balance of all the components in the wine. The aromas are exalted by the amazing exposure and by the strong temperature excursion. This is truly “viticoltura di montagna” (mountain viticulture). Most of the work is still done by hand due to the tricky formation of the hills: very steep and rocky. No pesticides or herbicides are used.

Elio cultivates two biotypes of the native Fumin variety, Macillo and Femalla, in his vineyards reaching 600m asl. The dark blue-violet color and thick skin of the berries with a warm, long maceration creates a wine with an intense color, and a rich bouquet with a hint of incense.


Wine Color Red
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