Old Plains Raw Power Shiraz


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Inky purple. Deeply pitched aromas of blackberry, blueberry and candied cherry. Lush, gently sweet dark fruit flavors are round and uncomplicated, showing no rough edges. Delivers a lot of rich fruit for the price, plus good finishing breadth and lingering smokiness.


Shiraz is big in alcohol, so it will crush more delicate dishes.  So keep it away from most white fish dishes, and instead pair it with something that is suitable for its heavy body like thick stews.  Speaking of alcohol, remember that is high in alcohol is a big NO with spicy hot foods.  You are just putting out that fire in your mouth with gasoline.
The heavy tannins in Shiraz love the bitter nature of charred food, so this is a great wine to pair with grilled steaks,  peppercorn crusted tuna, and grilled vegetables like zucchini and eggplant.  In fact, the peppery nature of Shiraz makes it a great companion with anything barbecued so as long as you don’t douse your food in hot sauce.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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