Mezcal Mortal De Oaxaca Cupreata


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Mezcal Mortal is a spirit made in Mexico inspired in our most important celebration "Dia de Muertos" or day of the dead. During this colorful and enlightening tradition we remember with joy all the precious moments we spend with the people that are no longer with us. Moments such as good times with family and old friends where they taught us that life is about love and happiness . The celebration, just as our mezcal , tries to remind us that mortality is not about dead, its about the life that we still have and the opportunity to start new adventures and create unforgettable memories.

We make our Mezcal with the most emblematic agave variety of Oaxaca, aged between 12-14 years.


This mezcal offers woody and tobacco aromas, with notes of new leather and cocoa and a fresh herbaceous finish. Beautifully clean and pure.


Product Subcategory Mezcal
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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