Lucky Seven The Holiday Toast "Elf" Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon The Prime Barrel Pick #67



Meet Lucky Seven's "The Holiday Toast 'Elf'" Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon - Prime Barrel Pick #64. At a cool 118.5 proof and aged over 5 to 6 years, this bourbon is a testament to Lucky Seven's knack for crafting something really special.

The bourbon's mix of 70% Corn, 21% Rye, and 9% Malted Barley, brings out a bouquet of flavors that'll take your taste buds on a ride. The barrels, sourced from Calvin Cooperage, get a unique char treatment, only shared between Lucky Seven and Calvin. This char adds a richness to the color and flavor that'll catch your attention from the first pour.

Give it a whiff and you'll catch a hint of warm caramel with a curious touch of green grass. As it hits your tongue, you'll notice a blend of maple and oak that soon gives way to a warming mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and nutmeg. The finish? Smooth and oily with a sweet little memory of molasses and brown sugar.

Lucky Seven's "The Holiday Toast" line is all about celebrating and enjoying some good ol' classics. Each of these bourbons brings its own bit of holiday joy. The Double Oaked variations take this a step further, bringing an extra dose of complexity and fun.

  • 118.5 Proof, 5-6+ yr old
  • Mashbill - 70% Corn 21% Rye 9% Malted Barley
  • Sourcing - NA
  • Cooperage - Original Barrels - NA
  • Finishing Barrels - Calvin Cooperage
  • Char Level - Specialty Char Level between Lucky Seven and Calvin Cooperage.

What you can expect:

  • Nose - warm caramel with a touch of green grass.
  • Palate - maple, and oak, followed by cinnamon, gingerbread, and nutmeg
  • Finish - oily with remnants of molasses and brown sugar.


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand Lucky Seven
Distillery Not Specified
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Proof 118.5
Proof Range 100-119
Age 5
Age Range 4-6 Years
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Feature Single Barrel, The Prime Barrel Selection
Finish Double Oaked
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml