Lopez De Heredia Tondonia Rose Gran Reserva 2010



Characteristics of the Vintage: A year officially rated as VERY GOOD. The vine year passed normally, with the exception of the abundant precipitations that took place in June. However, it did not have a negative effect in the setting of the grapes. This good fertilization and absence of spring frost was followed by a dry and hot summer, free of neither cryptogamic nor fungal diseases, which produced an abundant harvest. Besides, some ripening inequalities were observed in this harvest, which could be corrected during October, which was very appropriate regarding the climatic aspect for the realization of a calm and selective harvest. The harvest started on September 22nd and lasted until the 25th of the same month for the white varieties. For the red varieties, the harvest was re-started on October 7th in "Vina Tondonia", and the work was not stopped until its completion on October 24th.

Color: Onion skin colour. Nose: Fresh and persistent.Taste: Smooth and fresh with body and complexity due to the ageing conditions.


Wine Color Rose
Container Bottle