Lillet Blanc Aperitif


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Lillet is the only wine-based aperitif, a blend of 85% wine and 15% citrus liqueurs, produced in Bordeaux, France. The wines are carefully selected in the Podensac area and the citrus liqueurs are produced by cold macerating fruit peels in pure distilled spirits for several months. Following the Bordelaise tradition, Lillet is aged in oak so that it acquires its soft and rich character. Because it is not oxidized or aromatized with herbs like vermouths, nor artificially concentrated, Lillet is a very unique product.


Medium-High Intensity, youthful, orange blossoms, mint, honey.Light-Medium Bodied, medium sweet, medium acidity, moderate intensity, medium finish, orange blossoms, citrus fruits, peach.


-baked beans
-lamb chops
-roasted vegetables


Country France
Region Bordeaux
Brand Lillet
Product Subcategory Liqueurs
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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