L'Encantada Tattoo Series Grape Brandy Finished in Ex-Bourbon Casks



A collaboration between star Armagnac bottler L'Encantada and importers of the coolest geeky liquors, PM Spirits, the Tattoo Series is Armagnac in all but official name.  The use of ex-bourbon barrels for its finishing means that it loses its AOC status, but one whiff and sip of this mind-blowing elixir will render such details completely irrelevant in your mind, I assure you.  It's a blend of 10 single casks from L'Encantada's stock and, with an experimental spirit behind it, is finished in ex-Weller barrels, and bottled at strength.  Truly, a unique 'Brandy'.  


Country France
Region Bas-Armagnac Controlee
Brand L'Encantada
Product Subcategory Brandy & Calvados
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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