L’Encantada Domaine Cutxan 25 Years Bas Armagnac 1995



One of the most exciting new names in Armagnac comes to us after the family has already retired from distilling - not uncommon in this category. That said there will be a steady release of the remaining casks until they are all gone, beginning with this, one of their oldest. Everything from the outset here was made with the intention of creating the absolute best brandy the familiy's terroir and savoir faire allowed. No expenses were ever too high including the stills they used to the type of rare new oak the eau de vie went into from one of France's top artisanal cooperages. They have exceeded any reasonable expectation on quality here with this exceptional Armagnac. Make sure to grab an extra bottle - one to drink now and one for the collection. Once these are gone they are never coming back.


Country France
Product Subcategory Armagnac
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml
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