Laurent Family Vineyard Clandestino


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100% hand-harvested petit verdot grown in deep clay, alluvial and loam soil. The vines are trellised, the traditional method in the area. The wine macerates on the skins for 35 days and is then aged for 11 months in 900liter barrels.


Petit Verdot offers up aromas of mostly black fruit flavors ranging from plum, blackberry and blueberry to slightly lighter black cherry. The unique and intriguing flavors of Petit Verdot are herbal and floral notes such as violet, lilac, lavender, sage, and dried herbs.


Petit Verdot is a hardy grape with a lot of tannin. That makes Petit Verdot in wine and food pairings a natural fit for rich, meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, all types of game and sausage.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle
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