La Vis Simboli Riesling



Riesling, a grape variety originating from the Rhine River Valley, has been cultivated for a number of decades in Valle di Cembra. On the sloping, south-facing, vineyards, the grapes, blessed by the sunlight, synthesize many aromatic molecules, which are preserved and enhanced by the fluctuations in temperature typical of the alpine valleys.


Simboli Riesling has a straw-yellow colour with greenish hues; the aroma is dry with the typical notes of candied fruit and carob. Sapid, fruity and pleasantly acidic on the palate, its distinctive characteristics are more evident and pleasing after a few months of refining in the bottle.


Think Spice. Because of Riesling’s sweetness and acidity, it makes the perfect accompaniment to spicy food. Strong Indian and Asian spices are a perfect match with Riesling. A classic pairing with Riesling is spiced duck leg.


Wine Color White
Container Bottle