La Grange Bartas L'Abri Cabernet Sauvignon



Totally organic, no added sulfur, no oak in sight and a trim 12% alcohol and a mere 50 cases for the US – we are going to go ahead and guess that this is not from Napa. Kidding, of course, because we know where this is from, the Ardeche in Southern France. This is a home run for anyone who has sulfite concerns, anyone who likes lower alcohol levels and anyone who likes elegant wines for food pairing.

Domaine Jérôme Jouret is a small family winery located on twelve hectares in the southern Ardeche. The organic ancient vines are planted on the steep and stony slopes of the Vallée de I’Ibie. Winemaker Jérôme Jouret left the local co-op in ’06 and has only made a few vintages since setting out on his own, however, the results so far have been stunning. The cooler climate of the region combined with a high elevation means that the fruit has a longer hang time on the vines, this helps create wine with pronounced aromatics and fresh flavors.


A very appealing “lo-fi” version of Cabernet Sauvignon that will please lovers of Burgundian Pinot Noir and Loire Valley Cabernet Franc equally, but if this wine interests you act fast cuz this is all we got. More proof that Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t necessarily have to clock 14 degrees of alcohol or see new wood. Great aromatics and fresh fruit character and sourced from vineyards that have NEVER seen chemicals.


Country France
Wine Color Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml