Kilkerran Work In Progress Bourbon Wood Scotch Single Malt



A long-awaited ten year old release from Glengyle distillery, released as part of the Kilkerran Work in Progress series. This is the bourbon-aged expression and shows just how well the spirit is maturing.


  • Nose: This is evidently a Campbeltown dram. The waxy, lightly smoky nose with hints of leather gives away the origin of this dram. Rich and creamy with hints of American cream soda, apricots, dark fruit and linseed. 
  • Palate: Just like previous WIPs the tangy orange and citrus marmalade notes remains. A little bit sweeter than previous WIP releases, with clear presence of apricot jam. There is a great weight of Campbeltown sea air present. Very smooth and fruity.
  • Finish: Fresh, sweet yet dry finish.
  • Age: 10 Year Old
  • Proof: 108.6


Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Brand Kilkerran
Distillery Glengyle Distillery
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Single Malt
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml