Kenbishi Kuromatsu Honjozo Sake


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Kenbishi is known as the first sake brewery to be branded in Japan. In days of old, Kenbishi was very popular sake enjoyed by samurai. On the eve of major military battles, a large Kenbishi barrel would be ceremoniously opened. It was believed that sake strengthened the bonds of friendship and established strong loyalty in upcoming battles.

"Kuromatsu" is not just any typical Honjozo style sake. Medium dry body with beautiful fragrance and viscosity on the palate, lingering and dense. It shows the characteristics and distinctive flavor of Kenbishi.


Pale silvery straw color. Aromas of pear, honey toasted nut, rutabaga and puffed rice with a silky, dryish medium body and a vanilla cream and marinated mushroom accented finish.


Country Japan
Polishing Grade Honjozo
Container Bottle
Container Size 900ml
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