Jokigen Junmai Ginjo "Rice Label" Sake


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The brewery, Sakata Shuzo, is located in Sakata city, Yamagata prefecture, which has been historically known as one of the most prosperous ports in Japan. Sakata Shuzo was established in 1949, from a coalition of five breweries which have been around since the Edo period. Currently, the president, Shoichi Sato, takes the leading role as the Toji, or master brewer, conducting the brewing process with dedication and uncompromising ways.


Subtle with a touch of apricot and pomegranate, a soft texture supported medium dry palate.


Sashimi and nigir sushi, rolls-makimono, raw bar.


Country Japan
Polishing Grade Junmai Ginjo
Container Bottle
Container Size 1.8L, 300ml, 720ml
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