Jim Beam Bourbon Distiller's Masterpiece



Jim Beam Bourbon Distiller's Masterpiece is a smooth, rich, full-bodied and mature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that’s barrel- finished in Terry Pedro Ximenéz (PX) sherry casks to add a dynamic to its taste that other bourbons can’t offer.

It is the Jim Beam® family’s most-exclusive, highest quality offering that, until now, has only been available in very small quantities at the Jim Beam® American Stillhouse in Clermont, KY.Bottled at 100 proof, it is a full-bodied bourbon that delivers a smooth, rich mix of Terry Pedro Ximenéz (PX) sherry and matured bourbon flavors.

Bottled in cosmetic grade glass and then packaged within a luxurious wooden case, perfect for bar or shelf display. It is extra-aged in the optimal rackhouse position, determined by Jim Beam® 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe.


Color: Deep amber to garnet
Taste: Smooth, rich mix of Pedro Ximenez Sherry and full-bodied, matured bourbon flavors.
Aroma: Pleasant fruity influence from being finish in ex-Terry Pedro Ximenez sherry casks combined with vanilla notes

Perfect for ultra-premium whiskey drinkers to be enjoyed served chilled, straight, or on the rocks.


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Feature Allocated & Limited Edition
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml