Il Paradiso di Frassina Brunello di Montalcino DOCG ‘MozArt Wine’



This innovative, experimental winery treated with ‘music therapy’, utilizing music to assist the vines in the creation of premium quality fruit, is the result of Giancarlo Cignozzi’s avid passion for music and wine.

In 2005, no less than Amar Bose himself, the Indian-born ‘guru of sound’, founder of the homonymous Bose Corporation, came to leave his unmistakable imprint at Il Paradiso. Bose, who was personally and genuinely interested in the research, provided 80 all-weather, outdoor speakers free-of-charge and donated $100,000 each to the Universities of Florence and Pisa to continue this research. The loudspeakers are scattered throughout the vineyards (some even underground) and in the cellar and play music around the clock.

In 2008, University researchers suggested that only the music of Mozart should be played, providing a single, unique musical blanket to the vines. Thus, Brunello MozArt Wine was born.

A wine of particular elegance due to the cooler climate in the northern part of Montalcino, it is aged in large oak barrels and rests in the cellar, also to the comforting sound of music. 14,000 bts produced.


2011 Il Paradiso di Frassina Brunello di Montalcino DOCG has baked plum, menthol, worn leather and sunbaked earth aromas unfold in the glass. The chewy palate offers up mature Morello cherry, chopped mint, star anise and a hint of game alongside somewhat grainy tannins that dry out the finish.


Wine Color Red
Container Bottle