House of Hafner TBA Chardonnay Barrique Noble Sweet


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The winery is located in the quaint-town of Moenchhof, Austria’s oldest wine growing community (since 1217) east of Lake Neusiedl in sunny Burgenland. Burgenland is today’s 9th province of Austria but until 1921 it was still a part of Hungary. Characterised by its unique “pannonian” lowlands and Europe’s largest step-lake (grassland lake) it is famous for its microclimate and the world-famous wines!

World Champion Winner 99 Pts USA


Noble sweet, TBA, golden with reflexes of amber, fascinating balance of botrytis, American oak, sweetness and acidity - long finish. A wine of the century!


A good match to blue (mold) cheese, goose liver (pate) or simple as one of the best noble sweet wines ever!


Wine Color White
Container Bottle
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