Akkeshi Distillery "New Born Foundations 2" Single Malt Japanese Whisky



We are dedicated to making whisky using the traditional distilling methods of Scotland to create a whisky similar to Islay malts.
That's why we installed equipment from Forsyths in Scotland.
Like on the island of Islay, we make whisky using water that has passed through a peat layer.
Maturation proceeds day-by-day here in cool, damp Akkeshi amid the brine of sea breezes.

Our two on-site maturation warehouses have a dunnage format. In February, 2018 a third warehouse was completed adjacent to the sea incorporating an innovative racking system. Over looking Akkeshi Bay we expect the maritime aromas in the air to influence the characteristics of our whisky.
For maturation of whisky we employ not only bourbon and sherry casks but also Japanese oak casks, which are difficult to come by. We are also testing a variety of possibilities including maturation in wine and rum casks.

The source of the clean, pure water we will use to make the whisky comes from Homakai River, in the upstream reaches of Oboro River next to the distillery. The surrounding area is a marsh, home to water crowfoots said to grow only in the purest water. The dainty white blossoms, which bloom in summer, are an unmistakable sign of abundant clean water, which is what we will use to make Akkeshi whisky.


Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2" is a vatted blend of peated malts matured between 8-17 months in quality first-fill bourbon casks.
This is Akkeshi Distillery's first peated product.
Bottled at 58% alcohol by volume, the peaty flavour is coupled with a hint of salt blown in on the sea fog and citrus notes.


Country Japan
Region Hokkaido
Brand Akkeshi
Distillery Akkeshi Distillery
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Mashbill Type Single Malt
Container Bottle
Container Size 200ml