Hancock's President’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon



Every family has at least one member they don’t acknowledge publicly. For what’s said to be the mash bill number two bourbons made by Buffalo Trace, that unacknowledged member is Hancock’s President’s Reserve single barrel bourbon. Other brands of the mash bill number two family include Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, Rock Hill Farms, and Ancient Age.

The relationship between mash bill number two bourbons and Buffalo Trace is a bit convoluted. While Age International Inc. owns the labels, Buffalo Trace makes the bourbon and distributes it in the United States. However, Buffalo Trace only acknowledges Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, and Ancient Age on its website.

So, the scarcity of information on Hancock’s President’s Reserve should not surprise. The only information provided regarding Hancock’s is that it is named after Hancock Lee, co-founder of Leesburg, Kentucky. While Hancock’s is not a limited-release bourbon, finding it may present a challenge simply because many stores and bars are unaware of its existence.

  • Appearance: Hancock’s Reserve appears soft amber brown in the glass with medium legs.
  • Nose: Classic bourbon notes of vanilla, sweet corn, and a lightly toasted pecan dominate the nose. Secondary floral notes and light cedar make an appearance.
  • Palate: Hancock’s Reserve leads off the front of the palate with warm notes of cinnamon and lighter notes of dark fruits, such as plum and cherry. In the mid-palate, the cinnamon notes turn to pepper and oak, with creamy vanilla notes balancing the slightly dry and bitter oak notes.
  • The finish becomes slightly dry with pepper, oak notes, and light caramel. Overall, the flavor profile is pretty balanced all the way through and makes for an excellent sipping bourbon in the spirit of Blanton’s and Elmer T. Lee.


Country USA
Region Kentucky
Brand Hancock's
Distillery Buffalo Trace
Product Subcategory Whiskey
Proof 90
Proof Range 80-99
Age 5
Age Range 4-6 Years
Mashbill Type Bourbon
Feature Allocated & Limited Edition, Single Barrel
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml