Hakkaisan Nama Genshu Sake



Producer information

Hakkaisan makes delicious premium sakes imported from Niigata, Japan. Get to know the clean, balanced and exceptionally well crafted taste that has made Hakkaisan famous.

Hakkaisan Shiboritate Genshu is full-bodied and lively. Nama Genshus offer the rich taste unique to a just-pressed and cask-strength, undiluted Sake. Brewed only during the coldest wintery months, this special unpasteurized Sake presents the freshest drinking pleasure of bountiful aroma and delicious flavor.


The nose on this “nama” or unpasteurized sake is a gentle collection of strawberry, melon, and floral tones. In the sake world it is a pretty amazing trick to get a 19% alc brew to drink smooth, balanced and even but the makers from Hakkaisan did a great job. This juicy and plump sake is loaded with velvety fruit flavors that do not drink sweet, rather they drink lush and solid. It is a great feeling sake that does wonders in the palate.


Country Japan
Region Chubu
Container Bottle
Container Size 300ml, 720ml