Habitation Velier Privateer Unaged Rum



The beauty of this un-aged rum is breathtaking. Privateer distills rum from Guatemalan Molasses in Ipswich, Massachusetts just north of Boston. They've been at it a while and have been doing it the right way: adding no sugar and putting the straight rum on the market unfiltered, at its best. I was amazed by its layers and length. First, I was hit with fruits (from grape to apple) and had to check that I wasn't drinking an eau-de-vie. Then the sugar/molasses notes came in. There are also hints of complex confection, reminiscent of a well-aged Armagnac. Definitely a keeper and a sipper.

Made from 100% single origin Guatemalan molasses, itself created from sugar cane grown in the volcanic terroirs of that country, this high congener rum was double pot distilled and bottled at a powerful 62% abv. As always here, there are zero additives or artificial ingredients of any sort.


White flowers, stony minerals, limes zest, and pepper spices.


Country Jamaica
Product Subcategory Rum
Container Bottle
Container Size 750ml