Gran Passione Veneto IGT Rosso


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(60% Merlot/40% Corvina). During fermentation the must macerated on its skins and the wine was aged in oak. A deep purple color with ripe fruit aromas, spice and vanilla, the black fruit flavors merge with soft tannins and juicy acidity on the finish. Gran Passione is located in Italy's Veneto region. The winery sources fruit from its network of long-term relationships with small, high-quality growers. The Merlot and Corvino was harvested in the beginning of October from vines planted on rich alluvial soils. The wines were made in the appassimento method.

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Passion is a powerful feeling, a compelling emotion. "Gran Passione" is exactly this, the expression and devotion to our work that honors the tradition of our land. The Gran Passione Rosso is crafted in the tradition of “Apassimento” (to dry and shrivel), the same style as Amarone wines of the region. This technique has its roots in an ancient past dating back to the Roman era. Over the centuries, this technique of “drying” the grapes before crushing has been honed, resulting in this unique ex pression of northern Italy. Piedmonte is often called the “Burgundy of Italy” due to its reputation for many small family wineries and a focus on quality. The Gran Passione Piedmonte collection (Barbera d’Asti DOCG & Gavi DOCG) represents the diversity and quality of this north western pocket of Italy, set at the foot of the Alps.


Pick this exceptional substitute when you want to drink Valpolicella or a baby Amarone, but would rather not shell out the $20 to $60 those wines can cost. Hailing from the Veneto, the same region as those other wines, the Gran Passione possesses all that hearty flavor and smooth texture you'd expect from reds from this area. No other region can generate wines this distinctive and exotically aromatic. The Gran Passione is a rich, deeply-colored blend of Merlot and Corvina. The wine is made by drying out the grapes, which further concentrates the wine - the same process by which Amarone is made. It possesses an intense red-purple color, alluding to its full-bodied nature. As is often the case with Italian wine, there's a fine balance between soft tannins and acidity.


Serve this wine up with an impromptu osso bucco, stew, steaks on the grill, or mature hard cheeses like a Parmigiano-Reggiano


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